Weekly Options – New APPL Weekly Options Trade

Weekly Options – AAPL

There is a potential weekly options ‘revolving credit spread’ play setting up on AAPL right now that we could be getting into either this week or perhaps next week.

This set up would be based on a cycle set up that has seemed to occur right around this time of the season over the past years and from the look of the AAPL chart this set up is occurring again.

Weekly Options – How To Play

If the set up occurs and the entry point trigger is hit giving the go ahead – there are a number of different ways this trade could be played profitably – including a number of different directional option trading strategies and non directional option trading plays that are usually considered more of an income generation type trade. However, from the different available possibilities our weekly options revolving credit spread trade would most likely be the one chosen for a variety of different reasons – including the available profit potential as well as the built in protection against possible losses.

Weekly Options – Revolving Credit Spread

These weekly options revolving credit spread trades come with a number of ‘built in’ benefits that a lot of other option trading strategies don’t have, such as the placed protection in the trade, the numerous adjustment possibilities, the positive theta in the trade, the profit potential – and the ability to easily tweak the trade to create a position with ‘unlimited’ profit potential – and more.

We’ll continue to monitor AAPL to see if and when it makes a green light to get into this trade – and when we do we will continue to monitor and update the trade as it plays out.

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